Apr 19

Girl Fight – First Impression Gameplay – Xbox Live / PSN Arcade

Girl Fight - First Impression Gameplay - Xbox Live / PSN Arcade

Hey Guys and Girls Here is a first look at GIRL FIGHT! Great game! Enjoy!
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Apr 19

*HOW TO FIX* Xbox 360 Disconnecting From Xbox Live After Starting Game

Right, It was all fine before I woke up the other day and when I tried booting up one of my games (this does it to all of my games) It boots up then disconne…
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Apr 10

Crazy Cows – 3D arcade/RTS (free indie game)

The Cows goes Crazy !!! Play this 3D real time strategy game and defeat any enemy cows ! You can use a lot of power-ups, mech and flying machines and much mo…
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Jan 21

The 6 Best Games For The Xbox One

The 6 Best Games For The Xbox One
You're heading to the store to get an Xbox One right now, and need to know which games to get. (Land the plane, first, of course.) Or you're at … For: The squeamish or the easily frustrated. Dead Rising 3 falls down when it comes time to fight the …
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Xbox One gets £20 price cut at UK retailer
Killer Instinct is probably the most fun fighting game I have ever played. Sure, it is short on content. But, the core game is fantastic and more content is slowly … Nobody will buy a system without a game but you shouldnt make anything mandatory …
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Xbox One: selling single player offline games is challenge, but mid-tier is
Speaking with OXM, Spencer began, “I think a real saviour for us has been the advent of the digital stores, whether it's PSN or Xbox Live Arcade. What it's … Those games can now get to market easier and have a fighting chance on consoles, Spencer …
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Jan 21

Minecraft (Xbox 360) TU14/1.3.1 Update Features Explained! | Title Update News – Minecraft Xbox

Minecraft (Xbox 360) TU14/1.3.1 Update Features Explained! | Title Update News - Minecraft Xbox

Learn About New And Upcoming Title Updates, Mash-Up Packs, Texture Packs, Skin Packs and Glitches for Minecraft Xbox 360 here daily. Website: http://lifeofko…
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Jan 03

Lastest XBox Live Arcade Games News

5 best Xbox One indie games to download on Xbox Live
The follow-up to one of the greatest arcade-style puzzle games ever is here for Xbox One. Set in the same peg-popping paradise this sequel adds 120 new levels, improved power-ups, top multiplayer modes, gesture controls with the Kinect for Xbox One …
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'Castlevania' arcade titles featured in Friday's Xbox LIVE deals
These three will be on sale for all of Friday, Dec. 20 as part of the daily deal for the Countdown to 2014 promotion. There's also several full retail titles and Xbox LIVE Arcade games that will be on sale through Dec. 23. The full list of games …
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The 50 best games of the last console generation: part one
Braid (Xbox 360). Why it's here Jonathan Blow's indie darling was an early standard-bearer for the Xbox Live Arcade; a thoughtful, evocative time-travelling platform game that lingers in the memory.
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Xbox Live daily deal is full of Trials
The Microsoft “Countdown to 2014″ sale continues as the year is nearly over. For today, December 28, only, the sale involves the Trials series of motorcycle games on Xbox 360. For this sale, there are two full arcade games available as well as four …
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Jan 03

Racist Xbox 360 Kinect Support Prank – OwnagePranks

Download the full prank on iTunes in super high quality! http://itun.es/iFF7f3 Thanks in advance for your support! :) This call starts off with me calling Xb…
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Dec 17

How the 2D Platformer Surpassed the 3D Platformer

How the 2D Platformer Surpassed the 3D Platformer
The 2D platformer especially became a massive success on services like Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, with titles like Braid, Shadow Complex and even series revitalizations like Mega Man 9 reaching extremely high levels of popularity and …
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The 10 Defining Games of the Xbox 360 Era
The following list doesn't necessarily include the best games that the Xbox 360 had to offer, but rather the games that had the biggest impact upon the console's legacy, from its launch right through to the release of the Xbox One. It's also in …
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Nov 29

State of Decay DLC: Breakdown mode out today on XBLA – price, details

State of Decay DLC: Breakdown mode out today on XBLA – price, details
XBLA zombie adventure State of Decay gets its Breakdown DLC today, 29 November, with the long-awaited endless mode scheduled to arrive on Xbox Live priced $ 6.99. As well as testing players to see how long they can survive the increasingly difficult …
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12 best iPhone and iPad games this week – Skulls of the Shogun, The Inner
Every Friday, Pocket Gamer offers hands-on impressions of the week's best new iPhone and iPad games. This week, the best games include an economic simulator on a faraway planet, a strategy epic in the samurai underworld, a bike ride through the arctic …
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Critics' Picks Critics' Picks: Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 2013
A superhero in a hoodie and sneakers in the unlikeliest of action adventures. The mission impossible is not to save the world, but himself. And the emotional crosscurrents we see on it become the film's narrative anchor. (Betsy Sharkey) Read more …
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OUYA vs. GameStick: Android Game Consoles Compared
Sure, you can grab an Xbox 360 disc and play it on another Xbox 360, but it can't be played on the PlayStation 3 and it can't play on the PC… unless you buy the appropriate copy. So with all that said and …. Games and apps are also listed under the …
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